EastPharma was established in 2006 with the aim of becoming a major player in the fast growing emerging markets pharmaceutical industry by means of organic growth, acquisitions and consolidation in fragmented markets.

Since EastPharma indirectly acquired control of the Turkish generic pharmaceutical company DEVA in 2006, and Saba in 2007, it has applied experienced management expertise to ensure these subsidiaries are in a strong position to increase their market share and profitability.

The first major undertaking of EastPharma was to facilitate the implementation of DEVA’s new growth strategy, a leading Turkish generic pharmaceuticals company. In 2006, EastPharma indirectly became DEVA’s majority shareholder and installed a new management team.

As a result, EastPharma currently indirectly holds 82,21% of DEVA shares. 


Having started its operation in 1958, DEVA was established  by 27 doctors with the aim of collecting individuals’ savings and directing these savings towards Turkey’s industrialization via a pharmaceutical company.DEVA Holding the main area of activity of which comprises production and marketing of drugs for human use and raw materials carries also the production of veterinary drugs, and medical ampoule.

The majority shares of DEVA Holding were acquired by the funds managed by GEM Global Equities Management S.A., an international fund management company, in 2006 and, EastPharma Ltd. was established to assume the management in 2006.

DEVA Holding takes fast steps to achieve the target of being the first choice by creating  new pharmaceutical brands in fields in which it competes offering innovative and diversified products with high quality experience with a view to everybody being able to reach healthy life at global scale.

Offering new products to market every year, DEVA Holding makes a difference by enriching its product range.

With a view to facilitating patients to reaching drug they may need, DEVA Holding concentrates on research and development studies. In this context, the facilities of DEVA Holding have received European GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliance approval.

With its influential staff consisting of about 160 personnel all of whom are educated and experienced in their field and general laboratory equipped with current technology as well as areas of production within the scope of R&D activities, DEVA Holding develops innovative, new form and products with high added value. On the other hand, it conducts R&D activities in compliance with all ethical and legal regulations so that such activities will meet the expectations of relevant authorities, to increase product availability by proving that safety, efficiency and quality of the product have not changed by means of efforts for prolonging the shelf life, to develop methods to increase the productivity for sustainable growth and to adapt the same to the production. With the production facilities it established, DEVA Holding has attained the position of the local pharmaceutical company making one of the most comprehensive production in Turkey. Continuing its production in the production facilities in Çerkezköy and Kartepe, DEVA Holding has an annual capacity of producing 500 million boxes of drug on an annual basis.

Departing with the principle “Human health is our indispensable priority anywhere in the world”, DEVA Holding supports also social responsibility projects.


International Markets


Saba Pharmaceuticals was established by eight founding co-partners, mainly pharmacists on January 24,1967. The company started producing several pharmaceuticals in a small laboratory building and quickly adding new and different products to its product portfolio.

EastPharma acquired Saba in May,2007. As a result, the company underwent organisational restructuring designed to make the Company more dynamic structure by expanding its field sales force. Saba Pharmaceuticals’ short-therm objective is to be one of the rising stars in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry, backed by a strong vision.

Saba Pharmaceuticals is built on a philosophy of "Health and Happiness" and has invested heavily in continuous development over the last 49 years to provide higher health standards, both to its employees and the Turkish population. In developing strategies towards achieving this objective, Saba Pharmaceuticals has made sustainable development one of its core principles.

Web: www.sabailac.com.tr


EastPharma İlaç Üretim Pazarlama Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.


Devatis Inc


Devatis AG


Devatis Gmbh


It was established in New Zealand in order to sell and market drugs for human and veterinary use pertaining to DEVA Holding AŞ in Australia and New Zealand.