According to the total IQVIA data of free market, 2,719 million units and TRY 206.8 billion (*) worth of medicines were sold in the Turkish pharmaceutical market in 2023. The market grew by 4.2% in number of units and by 90.7% in TRY compared to the same period of the previous year.

The ratio of prescription drugs to the total pharmaceutical market in Turkiye is 95.3% in number of units, and 92.7% in TRY.

Although drugs from various treatment groups are imported in Turkiye, the mainly imported drugs are novel and high-tech preparations, anti-cancer drugs, blood factors, nervous system drugs, insulin and certain controlled-release drugs.

According to IQVIA data, the sales of imported products decreased by 7.1% on a unit basis; however, they increased by 24.6% in USD, totaling 3.5 billion USD in 2023. The domestic pharmaceutical market, on the other hand, grew by 5.9% in units and 43.0% in USD, totaling 5.2 billion USD. The ratio of imports in the total market is 11.8% in units while it is 40% in USD.

According to IQVIA data, the industry grew by 4.2% in terms of units sold, and 35% in terms of USD, corresponding to 8.7 billion USD in 2023. The pharmaceutical market grew by 90.7% in total, and reached TRY 206.8 billion.



Source: IQVIA Free Flexview Data


In Turkiye, the market distribution by pharmaceutical segments was as follows in 2023 in units and in TRY/USD. The "Nutrition & Metabolism" segment had the largest share, both in units and TRY/USD.




Source: IQVIA Free Flexview Data